next_ad_int_loaded() : void

since 2.1.8 Is called after NADI is loaded and has registered any hooks.


You can remove any of NADI’s registered hook after this action has been called. To remove e.g. the link “Log in with SSO” link from the log in form, you can write your own hook:

add_action('next_ad_int_loaded', 'my_sso_link_removal_action');
function my_sso_link_removal_action() {
	remove_action('login_form', array(next_ad_int()->getSsoPage(), 'generateLoginFooter'), 1);


next_ad_int_register_form_login_services() : void

since 2.1.9 (ADI-687) Is called to register the handler for form-based authentication. This action is automatically added when the user is on WordPress’ default login page or a custom login page


In case of having your own login form for any 3rd party theme or library, you can register the form-based handler and trigger the authentication:

// register form-based handler; if it is already registered, it won't be registered again

// trigger form-based authentication
apply_filters('authenticate', null, $_POST['my_username_field'], $_POST['my_password_field']);


next_ad_int_sso_profile_located(NextADInt_Adi_Authentication_Credentials $credentials, NextADInt_Adi_Authentication_SingleSignOn_Profile_Match $match): void

since 2.2.0 (ADI-715)


This hook is executed as soon as an SSO profile has been located.


next_ad_int_create_dependency_active_directory_context(NextADInt_ActiveDirectory_Context|null $instance, NextADInt_Multisite_Configuration_Service $configuration) : NextADInt_ActiveDirectory_Context

since 2.2.0 (ADI-715)


This is a factory method to create a new NextADInt_ActiveDirectory_Context or configure a previously created ($instance != null) instance. NextADInt_ActiveDirectory_Context is used by the underlying LDAP connection to make calls to the LDAP.

Return value


A configured or newly created instance of NextADInt_ActiveDirectory_Context.


NextADInt_ActiveDirectory_Context|null $instance

For the first filter call, this will be null. You can either configure the existing context or create a new one.

NextADInt_Multisite_Configuration_Service $configuration

The NADI configuration which has to be applied to the current WordPress environment.