This section contains information how to migrate from previous versions of ADI 1.x to the new Next ADI.

  • Please note that a migration from ADI 1.x to 2.x does neither remove nor change the ADI 1.x configuration. The ADI 1.x configuration is only removed when you manually uninstall the ADI 1.x plug-in.

  • When Next ADI is activated any previous version of ADI 1.x is automatically deactivated. If you want to switch back to ADI 1.x you have to deactivate Next ADI and activate ADI 1.x.


Which settings can be automatically migrated?

In a single site installation all settings except of

  • custom attribute mappings
  • and service account credentials

are automatically migrated during the activation.

  • The custom attribute mapping will be migrated as far as it is possible, but you have to check the migrated mappings.
  • The service account credentials for Sync to WordPress/Active Directory must be re-entered

The user settings are not migrated. What can I do?

Except for the sAMAccountName (adi_samaccountname) none of the user meta data is migrated. Because of the different attribute mapping handling the meta data can not be easily migrated. In practice the missing meta data should not be a problem: after the initial configuration you just have to execute a Sync to WordPress to update all meta data.