Next ADI comes with a lot of configuration options which allows you to handle most use-case scenarios. To keep everything organized we separated them into the following sections:

We also provide inline documentation to explain every option: You can find a help button in the upper right corner. When clicking the button it provides you with a menu. The menu contains the available options and its descriptions.

If the configuration page is greyed out, please make sure that the JavaScript files can all be loaded and executed. You can check this by using your browser's developer console.
  • If you are using Windows and Internet Explorer the website has to be added to the Intranet zone.
  • #35 Ensure that your WordPress' .htaccess file allows access to app.config.js and password.controller.js. In the developer console you receive an HTTP 403 error if the access is denied.

Upgrading from Active Directory Integration 1.x

Most of the settings from prior versions of Active Directory Integration can be automatically imported but not all of them. Please read carefully our Migration section.