You can import and update the users from Active Directory for example by using a cron job. The option Sync to WordPress synchronizes

  • users which have already been added to WordPress by logging in
  • users which are member of specified Active Directory security groups as mentioned in the section Import members of security groups
Sync to WordPress in Next ADI

Sync to WordPress

Enable sync to WordPress

Activating this option will allow Next ADI to import & update users from the Active Directory into your WordPress database. The synchronization from Active Directory to WordPress must be either triggered manually by clicking on the Sync to WordPress link in the left navigation menu or by periodically executing a Cron job.

Import members of security groups

Only members of the security groups entered here will be imported. ADI does not support the synchronization of the whole domain because of obvious performance reasons.

If you want to include the users of the Active Directory built-in user group Domain Users you have to enter




The prefix id: is used to determine primary groups like Domain Users or Domain Administrators. Primary groups are only used for POSIX compatibility. Instead of using the memberOf attribute/backlink of the user respective the member attribute of the security group, the primary group is persisted inside the primaryGroupID attribute of the user.

The most common used IDs are

ID Primary Group Name
512 Domain Admins
513 Domain Users
519 Enterprise Admins
544 Administrators
545 Users

Service account username

Importing multiple users at once requires you to have an Active Directory service account with read permission in the AD. Please enter the full user information including the domain suffix.

The option User > Account suffix or any other configuration will not be applied for the service account.

The Service account username and Service account password are the credentials for your Sync to WordPress service account and will be stored inside WordPress’ database.

Service account password

Set the password for the Sync to WordPress service account.

Automatic deactivate users

Deactivated users can only be re-activated manually by WordPress administrators on their users profile page or by using the Sync to WordPress feature. Example: During the first synchronization from AD to WordPress, the Active Directory users employeeA, employeeB and employeeC are imported. Two weeks later you run the import again, but this time employeeA is deactivated in Active Directory for some reason. employeeA will now be automatically deactivated in WordPress by ADI.

Import disabled users

With this option you can prevent disabled users from beeing synchronized to WordPress by NADI.

Auth Code

The authentication code must be used if you want to trigger the synchronization with help of a Cron job. The menu option Sync to WordPress shows you the code snippets for wget and curl.