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With Next Active Directory Integration you can authenticate and authorize your WordPress users against your company’s Active Directory. It allows you to import and synchronize users from the Active Directory to WordPress and vice versa.


  • Authenticating WordPress users against one or multiple AD Server
  • since 2.2.0 Support for Active Directory forest environments
  • since 2.0.11 Premium extensions for support plan owners to integrate with third party plug-ins
  • Authorizing users by Active Directory group memberships
  • Managing Active Directory authentication for WordPress Multisite installations
  • Single Sign On with Kerberos
  • since 2.0.11 Single Sign On with NTLM
  • Automatically creation and update WordPress based upon their Active Directory membership
  • Mapping of Active Directory security groups to WordPress roles
  • User and/or admin e-mail notification on failed login attempts
  • Multi-language support (at the moment only English is included)
  • Determining WordPress display name from Active Directory attributes
  • Synchronizing Active Directory attributes and WordPress user meta information in both ways
  • Embed customized Active Directory attributes in WordPress user profile
  • Enable/disable password changes for local (non AD) WP users
  • Disable user accounts in WordPress if they are disabled in Active Directory.
  • Set users local WordPress password on first and/or on every successful login
  • Option to disable fallback to local (WordPress) authentication.
  • deprecated Protection against brute force password hacking attacks
  • since 2.0.11 API callbacks to listen to NADI’s most important events

Requirements list

  • WordPress since 5.6
  • PHP >= 8.1
  • LDAP support
  • OpenSSL Support for TLS (recommended)

Try it

You can get NADI at or


Even if NADI is available for free we hope you purchase a support plan to let us continue the work on Next Active Directory Integration.