On the Profile options page the settings for specific profiles can be configured. This page contains the same configuration options as the single site configuration.

Profile options

Configure Settings for Profile

The select list contains all available profiles for the current WordPress multisite installation. To edit a specific configuration the profile has to be selected.


Compared to the single site configuration the main difference is that a network administrator can modify the permission for every configuration option.

ADI decides between these four permission levels:

Permission Meaning
Input field is invisible. The field is not shown in the blog configuration.
Visible, deactivated and invisible option value (suitable for passwords) The field is hidden and a hint is shown that this value is managed by the profile.
Visible, deactivated and visible option value. The field and value are both visible but cannot be changed by the blog administrators.
Blog admin sets the option value. The field and value are both visible and can be edited by the blog administrators.

If you select Blog admin sets value the blog administrators can define the value by themself for their own blog. The value of the profile itself does never change. If the blog administrator does not change the value, the value of the assigned profile is used.

By selecting any of the other options the blog administrators can never overwrite the value by themself so the profile value is always used. The different permissions allows you to prevent the leaking of sensitive information to non-authorized users.

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